Steve TsingasK. Stephen (Steve) Tsingas, né Konstantinos Tsingas, was born in a small village in the mountains of central Greece. His story is a classic “rags to riches”, one which had many roadblocks along the way. Steve’s family emigrated to the United States when he was 10 years old, starting out in an underprivileged neighborhood in Norristown, PA. His mother worked in a sweatshop as a seamstress, while his father was a janitor. Steve came to the U.S. expecting the land of milk and honey but instead (like many others before him), was greeted with animosity and prejudice simply for being poor and a foreigner. He overcame all that and at a very young age of a Junior High student, tried his luck at entrepreneurship by buying a push lawnmower, handing out landscaping flyers, and picking up a sizable chunk of the neighborhood landscaping. Steve’s high school years were tough, often blending in with the wrong crowd and heading towards rock bottom. Eventually, Stephen realized his limited options with his present crew and decided to go a different direction.

Steve was determined to go to college, yet his parents did not have enough money to help him realize his dream. He had to put himself through college and in order to do so, Stephen worked a number of jobs in various industries – he was a car mechanic, a short order cook, an amateur home construction worker, and even delivered pizzas. One summer, Steve commuted for two hours each way between cooking in a New Jersey town of Wildwood and attending college in Chester, PA. Finally, Stephen earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Widener University in Chester, PA. But even after graduating college, Steve’s determination and his goal-oriented character would not let him settle. He continued his education while working and ended up earning many merits and certificates including a Professional Engineer license and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

On the work front, Steve spent a few years as a field engineer for NETZSCH Inc., travelling all over the US and visiting various businesses ranging from the largest corporations to the smallest rural companies. Ultimately, he set his sights on the energy industry and started working as a power plant engineer for Atlantic City Electric Company in New Jersey. Steve realized that professionally his strength was him aptitude for profitability, either by making money or reducing costs. This skill allowed him to move up in the corporate world, a world inherently stingy on opportunities for immigrants. Steve moved around various departments including environmental, regulatory, engineering and finally the power trading department, where he gained his “Trader Yoda” nickname.

Realizing that his pedigree was more suited towards starting a small business, Stephen founded his first company, City Power Marketing LLC, in 2005. Despite having to deal with a few unscrupulous employees and a Federal agency that is innately anti-small business, Steve kept his eyes on the ball and worked 70 hour weeks to persevere. Through his experience, drive and knack for profitability, Steve ensured that the company was prosperous from day one, ultimately making more than 40 million dollars almost single handedly. Following Stephen’s motto to “work smarter, not harder”, his business continues to thrive and flourish everyday.

On the family front, Stephen Tsingas and his wife, Lauren, have two small children, Athena and John, and live happily in the sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While Steve never thought of himself as a family man in the past, he now finds family to be the most rewarding part of his life. Spending many weekends in the beautiful South Florida outdoors, he enjoys boating, kayaking, and playing with the kids. In his free time, Stephen found a way to give back by fiercely engaging in various philanthropic causes. He has spent thousands of hours in charitable work including overseeing the building of a community center in the Northeast. Most recently, Steve has finally realized another one of his dreams – to own an electric vehicle – and hopes that others will follow his example to ensure the continued growth of green power.